Eight Traits of an Amazing Employee

By Roslyn Pilla

I was disappointed when I logged on to do my morning reading and found the link to the article “10 Traits of an Amazing Employee” was broken. I have worked for nearly 20 years running my business, but do remember my time as an employee during college and shortly after graduation. Unfortunately, most of the small business employers and corporate managers I worked for did not subscribe to the professional philosophy of praise and support for an outstanding job done. A different time perhaps?  As an employer in a demanding industry and today’s challenging job market, I always take time to recognize amazing clients, vendors, contractors and employees. So, I have put together my top eight list.

Above and Beyond. When evaluating employees, consider above and beyond performance.  An employee that supports the company by being effective in their position and offering to take challenges outside of their job description enhances the company as a whole.

All In. When you have an employee that is 100% committed to both their career and your company growth, it is a great balance. An individual that pursues learning outside of the 9–5 work day not only bolsters their own skill set, but also their contribution to the company. Employees that stay up-to-date on industry trends, join professional organizations and attend workshops or other informative events bring another level of value—so encourage those opportunities for professional development.

Proactive vs. Reactive. We all know that saying. When you have an employee that makes it a point to assess the current challenge and future needs, thinks ahead and executes vs. waiting for the request to be immediate, you have a rock star and should shine a spotlight on them.

Solutions, Solutions, Solutions. There is always a problem to solve and when you have an employee that not only brings the problem to your attention, but includes more than one well thought-out solution, take note.

Brand Loyalty. Every business focuses on customer brand loyalty, but don’t overlook the employee who demonstrates 
it day in and day out. Their view of your brand is critical because they are part of what makes your brand authentic. 
If you look close, you will recognize who wears and sports your brand colors.

Team Spirit. I’ve had outstanding employees that were excellent at executing on their job descriptions but were not effective at team interaction. These outstanding performers caused negativity as a result and made it difficult for other employees to do their job effectively. If you have an employee that is a team player and puts the effort into cultivating a positive work experience for all, you have a winner.

Truth Be Told. When you have an employee that is willing to speak to you objectively about areas that may need improvement, be it operations or team dynamics, you have a professional working in the company’s best interest. Listening and getting a perspective from someone in the daily trenches can be an eye-opening experience for those brave enough to see.

Time After Time. An employee that stays late when a deadline is in jeopardy, is flexible and always offers to help out time and time again is not only loyal, but dependable.  And that dependable employee will be the one you think of when your client calls and expects a mini miracle. You will breathe deep because you know you have the right worker to help make it happen—so don’t forget to praise them.